Tuk tuks in Bangkok-5 tips to read before you ride them

The tuk tuks in the city are three wheeled vehicle used for the transportation. Before the arrival of the BTS and MRT transport system these were the favorites of the people. They were used for the transport. Now they are replaced with the latest taxi and other transport system by the government. It can be called a small rickshaw which emerged after the Second World War. Even now they are well recognized in the city. It is obviously not the fastest and the best way to travel but gives you a fine experience of the city. There are some of the tips you need to keep in mind if you are planning to ride a tuk tuk on your visit to the Bangkok.
1. The fares of these vehicles vary from place to place depending on the distance travelled. The shocking thing about this is that it also depends on the traffic situation in the city and sometimes on the mood of the driver of the tuk tuk as well. All these things are quite important in deciding the fares of these tuk tuks. The lowest rate for these tuk tuk would be around 30 baht.
2. Keep in mind that you need to negotiate on the price mentioned by the driver. They always mention a high price to the customers. Try to negotiate as much as possible because the rates mentioned by them are always 5 to 15 baht more than the actual rates.
3. They also have a complete mafia of them. They are especially around the famous places in the city which are penetrated by the tourists. They will ask for the fares of their own choice especially if you are going to another resort or a shopping place. They may be a scam as well so simply say a no to them because that is going to save you.
4. Make sure you don’t take a tuk tuk during the peak hours. During the peak hours the traffic in the city is very busy and you don’t want to suck somewhere in the traffic. It may take up to few hours as well coming out from those traffic situations.
5. They are mostly ideal for the small tours of the city. Never opt for a tuk tuk on a long visit. The cabs and the other means will cost the same on longer distances and they would travel way faster than these tuk tuks.
Keep all these things in your mind before using the tuk tuk service in Bangkok. Mostly the people having no previous knowledge and experience with them fall prey to them and then found complaining about these tuk tuks. Read the guidelines available on many online portals and other sites and then plan a visit to Bangkok. Even during the visit stay in touch with the authorities of the city to keep yourself safe from such problems. They may seem small but can be really dangerous for you in the city.