Top short things to do in Thailand Bangkok

Bangkok is a place absolutely loved by all the tourists. The place is good for the people belonging to different tastes as it has things for people of all types. You can spend some quality time in Bangkok. If you are on a short visit to the Bangkok we are going to make a list for you which are must visit places on a short visit.
Here are the 10 short things to do in Bangkok
1. Grand palace which was built in 1782 is a must visit place for the entire tourist. The place also has Wat Pra Kaew shrines which are also loved by people and is a religious site. Do visit them on your short visit.
2. Khlong tour on the boat is also a good thing to do here on a short visit. You will find peace and very less crowd on this tour. Beside this you are going to witness amazing wooden houses on your tour which are having a traditional touch.
3. Wat Arun which is also known as the temple of the dawn is another good place to watch out in the city. It has very unique structure and the place was built in the start of the 19th century.
4. Chinatown market is for sure the best place to visit for all the shopping lovers. It gives you a wide range of things that too in very affordable prices. You will find a lot of choices here in the market.
5. The scene from the rooftop at the night is also a thing to watch out in Bangkok. Book yourself a rooftop on a hotel and at night and the sunset view from there is very special. Beside this the life of the city from there looks very amazing.
6. Asistique which is on the riverfront is also a good place to visit. It gives you a good experience of shopping. This is a combination of mall and night bazar. This combination will give you some real enjoyment for sure.
7. Soi Rambuttri is a place which must be visited by the entire tourist. It will give you a look of the old and traditional Bangkok. The old Bangkok is having historical building and beautiful landscapes and architects which you are going to love for sure.
8. Chao Pharya River gives you the chance to watch the amazing view of the sunset. The view of sunset from this place is amazing. The sky turns into gold color at this moment which looks amazing.
9. Soi cowboy is also a good place to watch out. The place is named after the man who made the first market in the town. He opened the bar in 1970.
10. If you are on a short tour the best time in the night is partying. There are a lot of places in the town where you can party hard in the neon lights.
These all things are must to go on your short tour. Visit them and you will love them for sure.