Top 15 best things to do in Phuket

There are plenty of things to do in this beautiful island and we are going to highlight 15 of them to make sure if you are on a short tour you don’t miss these.
1. Phang Naga bay is a unique place to visit on this island and give you a pleasant feeling.
2. Phi Phi Island is another good place which was also featured in a 2000 movie named, “The beach”, try to spend a day or two there.
3. The night life of the Bangla road is another nice thing to do in Phuket.
4. On top of the Nakkerd hills the big statue of Buddha is another favorite place for all the tourists.
5. The Similan Island surrounded by the clear blue sea is another treat to watch in the Phuket.
6. There are more than 30 beaches on the island try to rest on few of them and feel amazing.
7. The night markets of the city give you a wide range of enjoyment and unique style. All of them are having a different and traditional style.
8. Andaman Sea around the Phuket is absoluetely a stunning place to watch out.
9. Fantasia in Phuket is another great thing to watch. The show is full of fun and enjoyment but performed in a very professional way.
10. Wat Chalong temples in the city are another great spot for the tourists from all over the world.
11. The east and west coasts of the Phuket consist of many viewpoints which are going to give you amazing view of the sea and all other islands. Do visit them and get a bird eye view.
12. They also have real and comfortable beach clubs on the island. This may be a new thing for you and you will enjoy it a lot.
13. You must visit the old Phuket town as well which will show you some splendid shops.
14. Simon cabaret show in the city is famous all over the world.
15. The natural life on the island is also an attraction. You must visit the elephant sanctuaries on the island.
Way to Phuket from Bangkok
The Phuket is just a town with an international airport as well. The island can be reached from Bangkok as well.
The easiest option for all the tourists is to fly from Bangkok to Phuket by air which is just 840 KM. As both the cities have airport so that is not a big problem for the tourists. The flight will take only 70 minutes.
Travelling from train is also a good option. The night trains in Thailand are very luxurious and give you a fine ride. The only problem is that the nearest railway station to Phuket is Surat Thani which is not on the island. From Surat Thani to Phuket you need to take a minivan or taxi which is going to take few hours.
You can travel their using the buses as well which is not that bad option. The best thing about them is that they have VIP sections as well which are equipped with latest facilities.
You can also choose a taxi, minivan or even a bike for yourself for the tour to Phuket. It all depends on your mood and the budget, if you are looking to visit the places in between then bike or a taxi is the best option for you but if you are in a hurry take the airplane because that is the best and fastest route to the Phuket from Bangkok.