Top 10 things you should know when taking a taxi in Bangkok

Bangkok has all the important means of the transport in it. It has BTS and MRT services and other air linking services as well. However, even then sometimes people feel it more comfortable to book their own taxis and visit the locations on their own choice. The ease in booking a taxi is that you can stop and wait on the location of your own choice. However before taking a taxi there are some things which you need to keep in mind.
1. The taxis in Bangkok are using different color codes. These codes are the indicators of the company. The fares and the features of these taxis are mostly same.
2. If you want to check whether the taxi is available for booking look at the sign above it. The red vacant sign means the taxi is available for booking.
3. The fares of the taxis are now fair because they all are metered. They will charge the same amount so you don’t need to waste time in negotiating with the drivers.
4. Sometimes the drivers of the taxis are unwilling to take you to your desired location. You can’t do much about them except reporting them to the transport department that too if you took the picture of the number of the taxi. The hotline for reporting a taxi is 1584.
5. You can expect a taxi at the bus station as well when there is no bus around. Don’t be surprise and book it immediately.
6. There are some scams as well. If you are not feeling well about the driver don’t take any risks and wait for the next one. If they are offering you some lucrative offers they are likely to be scam. Avoid them and wait for another taxi.
7. Always carry a map with yourself because some of the drivers are not familiar with all the places of the city. Don’t be shocked on having any such situation. The solution to this problem is that keeps a map with yourself all the times and uses it for finding the location of your desire.
8. Watch out before coming out of the taxi because you may smash into a motorcycle driver coming behind you. Such accidents are very common so be careful and come out of the taxi with care.
9. You should carry small amounts with you because most of the times they are not having the change. You can offer them tips as well because they earn very low and work for long hours. Giving them a tip is really good option.
10. Keep all of your items in your hand and take them out wisely while coming out. Make sure you haven’t left any item behind in the taxi while coming out because it is unlikely to find them again.
These are some of the useful tips for those who are using the taxi service on their visit to Bangkok. These tips are rather applicable universally.