Top 10 short things to do in Bangkok

If you are having less time and want to visit some of the best places in the Bangkok, we have made a list for those tourists as well. These places can be visited in a short span of time and the enjoyment is guaranteed.
These are the 10 short things to do in Bangkok
1. Grand palace and Wat Prakeaw is a good place to visit in a short span of time. The architecture of the palace attracts a lot of visitors from all over the world.
2. Khlong tour is recommended for those who are not comfortable in the crowded places. You will come across beautiful wooden houses on the tour.
3. The temple of the dawn which is known as Wat Arun is another historical architecture for the people. This place is used as a symbol for the birth of Rattanakosin Period.
4. Chinatown market in the city is very crowded market and good choice to visit in a hurry. It contains almost all the items you need. You will come across some really tasty food in this area of the city and the prices are also very low.
5. Claim the sunset the city is offering to the tourists. Get to the rooftop of the iconic State Tower’s Sirocco and witness the best scene in the city. The hustle and bustle of the city seems very beautiful from this place and a must visit place for all the tourists.
6. Asiatique gives you a very fine shopping experience in the city. It consists of a night bazar and a mall as well which together gives a very fine experience to the tourists. It has more than 40 restaurants and over 1500 boutiques in it and you can think of the standard of shopping it provides to the people.
7. Soi Rambuttri is a place which is near to the Khao san and a good place for the tourists from all over the world. This gives you a highlight about how the city was before the arrival of the skyscrapers in the city.
8. The Chao Phraya River at sunset gives a very pleasant look to the customers. The graceful curves of the grand palace are also visible from this place.
9. Soi cowboy is another good place which was named after the man who first opened a bar at this bazar. It has a theme based on the adult life and a good place for all the adults in the city. Flashing neon lights gives a very colorful look to this place.
10. Partying in the city is also very famous. You can visit the clubs and enjoy the nightlife of the Bangkok. After the sundown these places are very crowded with the tourists from all over the world.
These are some of the best places in the Bangkok to visit on a short visit. Visiting these places will make your short visit a memorable one and gives you a peace, relief and enjoyment at the same time. The place is loveable and we are sure you won’t regret visiting this place.