Top 10 places to visit in Pattaya

The city is one of the best places in the world for travelling and provides you some of the best entertainment in the world.
If you ever visit them here are the 12 best places for you
1. The sight of the walking streets and the number of people in them are indeed an amazing thing to watch.
2. Sanctuary of truth is another good place to watch. It highlights the importance of the religion and its philosophies to the people.
3. Tiffany’s Cabaret show takes place in a theatre and is a good place to visit and enjoy the theatre. You will love the dazzling costumes of the people.
4. Tropical garden in Nong Nooch is another great place with a lot of green landscapes and flowers.
5. Pattaya floating market in the city is another good place. You will find stalls and shops all around it selling different gifts and souvenirs.
6. Big Buddha hill is another good place for all the tourists from all over the world.
7. The city is full of the water parks which is good place for all the water lovers.
8. The Pratumnak hill gives one of the best view of the Pattaya city which is a must visit place for all the tourists.
9. Coral island in the city is another good place to visit.
10. You can see the art in the Paradise which is a gallery for the culture and arts of the world.
11. A place known as Ripley’s believe it or not! It is another good place with more than 300 exhibits to shock every tourist.
12. Buddha Mountain in the city is another good place to visit.