Mo Chit Bus terminal Bangkok

The country attracts a lot of tourist during the whole year and in order to meet the demands of these rising visitors they have made such arrangements as well. Transport is an important sector and they have invested a lot in this sector as well to boost tourism in their country. Plenty of companies are working to provide transport services to people. The station also known as Northern bus station is the home to the transport of the city and can take you on your desired location from there. You can book your seats from there in advance as well. They are going too far off areas of the country and even to some other countries as well.

Well, this one is the biggest bus terminal of the city which is connecting different parts of the city with each other. The Mo Chit bus terminal is connecting the central, northern, eastern, and north eastern provinces of the city. This bus terminal is also linking the city with the neighboring countries as well making it the most important terminal of the country. This terminal is also known as Northern bus terminal in Chatuchak. The terminal is mainly operated by the government organization named as Government Transport Company with the help of many privately owned companies as well. You can travel to a lot of places from this terminal. It takes you to other countries as well. You can take buses from here as far as Laos and Cambodia.

There are many ticket counters on the terminal which can use for buying the tickets for different rides. The counter numbers are over 50 for some of the provinces. The station also has a good and advance food court in it as the tours are long as well. You can eat anything from there and get yourself ready for a long tour. If you are visiting the city on the national holidays you are not likely to get any ticket as the Thai nationals are also returning to their home towns from capital during the vacations. Try to book your seats in advance on such occasion. The station is not far away from the BTS sky train station. If you are going to the Northern provinces you can take the train to the terminal and then start your journey. The Mo Chit station is also near to the Chatuchak weekend market which is the largest market in the Thailand having more than 8,000 stalls in it.

The place is providing comfort to the tourists and is rated well by them. The fares of theses buses are also not that much high. You can get the tours on normal prices to all the parts of the country. The terminal is largest in the country and can give you special buses to some of the famous locations of the country. Except the holidays you can easily get a seat from the station to any part of the country. The buses are luxurious and provide a comfortable journey to the passengers.