How to get to Krabi from Bangkok

Krabi is located at the south west coast of the Thailand. It is around 170 KM from Phuket and 800 KM from Bangkok.
You can reach the place by the airplane as well. You can take the flight to Krabi from four countries or by visiting the Bangkok international airport and then to Krabi. During the high season additional flights also come to the Krabi.
The southern bus terminal can be used for travelling to Krabi if you are planning to go there by bus. The journey by bus is almost of 10 hours. There are special buses for tourists which will pick you right from your hotel and take you to Krabi.
You can’t go to Krabi via train. There is some news that this is a possible route but no train service is from the Bangkok to krabi.
You can also drive your own vehicle and get to Krabi if needed. The network of roads is great and you will easily get via highways.
If you are travelling from Phuket you can reach Ao Nang by using a ferry boat as well. These boats are operated by Green planet and are very fast in speed.
You can try any of the above mentioned way to reach Krabi and enjoy your vacations there.
These are the 10 best places to visit in Krabi
1. Railay beaches in the city are indeed one of the best places to visit and provide you some of the best landscape to visit. The limestone caves and the clear water on the beaches are amazing.
2. Thung Teo Forest Natural Park is another good place for the entire visitor. The pure wildlife and the landscapes in the park are amazing.
3. Wat Tham Sua is also a remarkable place to watch out in Krabi with caves and the statues this place is hot place for the visitors.
4. Krabi town is also known as a good place to visit with its old and traditional style. There are several fishing boats here at this place for the tourists.
5. Krabi Shell Cemetery is another place which is a bit scary and over 40 million years old. Indeed this is a historical place to visit.
6. Klong Thom hot springs is another place which is decorated with shiny rocks and streams and is a good place to visit for the visitors.
7. Phi Phi island is known as paradise on the earth and must visit place for all the visitors.
8. Khao Khanab Nam is another remarkable landscape in the Krabi which attracts a lot of visitors. There are many caves on the place which makes it really amazing.
9. Koh Lanta is a place which is 2 hours away from Krabi and the best place to find peace in the city.
10. There are famous four islands in the Krabi which are a must visit place for all the visitors. You must visit The Four Islands – Tup, Chicken, Poda and Phra Nang.
Plan a trip to Krabi as soon as possible and get these places covered and you won’t regret visiting them.