Guide, Tips and Tricks for Traveller to Bangkok, Thailand

The city of Bangkok is known all around the world for its tourism. They have crowded streets all around the year and very less prices of services and goods which attracts a lot of people from all over the world. The city reveals its secrets to the people when they spend some time in it. The city has a lot of hidden beauty in it which will surprise you. At first it looked like that there is nothing to do here but it has many activities for the tourists.
The city is a hot place for all the tourists due to the cheap prices. You can easily get hostels in the city that too on very low prices. The dorm bed in the city starts at 90 THB. You can also have luxury dorms at few nice places but they will cost you more than 675 THB.
You will find the food in the city in very reasonable prices. The street vendors offer food as low as of 30 THB as well. This deal includes pad thai, soup, fried rice, som tam.
If you are looking to eat the food in the restaurants, that is going to cost you somewhere between 100 THB and 150 THB. The western food and breakfast is also available in the city which also starts at the price of 150 THB. In short you can spend a day with the local street food in 200 THB and sometimes even in less amount of money which makes them a cheap place for visit.
The transportation in the city is also very cheap and you can travel all over the city in very less rates. The buses on the other hand are very crowded. If you are looking for air conditioned buses you have to pay up to 15 THB and if you are looking for non-air conditioned buses their fare starts from 10 THB. The city is also having metro and sky trains which are going to cost you between 15 THB to 50 THB. The city is also equipped with latest and modern taxi system which starts from 70 THB and goes on. In short depending on your budget you have different options for the transport in the city which can provide you comfort and ease and bring some more charms to your trip to the Thailand.
Some tips in the city can be used to save money and spend some more time in the city;
1. Try to eat from the small stalls as they are going to cost you comparatively very less amount of money.
2. If you take a taxi make sure they turn on the meter.
3. Try to use the public transport or negotiate with the tuk tuk drivers in the city.
4. You can also take the boats for the visit.
5. Try to stay in the hostels as they are going to charge you less.
6. You can save some of your money by sharing the rides.
7. Try to bargain hard in the city and you can save a lot.
8. These are some of the helpful tips for staying and enjoying in the city.