Getting to Pattaya from Bangkok

Pattaya is 147 KM away from the Bangkok but there are few ways which can be used to access this place.
You can reach this place using air conditioned buses which leaves Bangkok after every 30 minutes. The trip will take almost 2 hours from the Bangkok.
You can use a rented car as well to visit this place. Suvarnabhumi Airport is 40km away from the Pattaya and you can rent a car from there and reach the resort without passing by the Bangkok. The best way to arrange a rental in the city is using the internet service. Book a taxi online and travel to Pattaya.
You can also reach the place after landing at Suvarnabhumi International Airport. After leaving the airport you will come across people offering you different ways of reaching the resort but you need to get complete information about the fares before selecting a ride as the taxis and limos can be expensive as well. The buses on the other hand are more affordable and leave every 30 minutes for Pattaya which makes them a good choice for all the tourists.
If you are in a hurry try to book a taxi or any other means of transport 24 hours before landing at the airport because that can save a lot of your time.