We know there are a lot of things to do in a city like Bangkok. The Thai capital will give you much more than your expectations from the city. There are millions of things for the tourists in Bangkok. The places in Bangkok will make sure that you get entertained after visiting them. The place is best for all the solo tourists and families can also enjoy at this place.

Enjoy Bangkok funky architecture and multiple layers

The architecture in the city is really classic and a treat to watch. There were skyscrapers right next to the historical buildings of the city which looked really great. The temples and the traditional homes in the city are also a source of attraction. The city is connected by the modern highways and even the tiny alleys of the city are connected to every corner of the city with roads. The city consists of different layers which are particularly for people belonging to different parts of the life. You will find cars, buses, scooters and tuktuks on the roads. There are metro trains and sky trains come in the first layer. The metro trains and buses are having huge LEDs on them to entertain the visitors.

Visit the stunning temples

The incredible temples of the city are another great attraction for the tourists. The temples of WatPhraKaew and WatArun are a treat to watch for all the visitors of the city.
The beauty and the sheer historical culture and religious values of the city are good to watch. These historical and religious sites are well maintained by the authorities of the city. It is simply fascinating for the people to watch golden roofs, colorful green and blue mosaic walls of the buildings in the city.
The statue of Buddha in the temple is also a favorite place for all the terrorists. These places are sacred for their religion so make sure you are dressed properly if you are planning to visit them.

Explore Bangkok’s Canals

You can visit the city on a long boat and explore all the canals of the city. The boat tour in the city first takes you to the temples and then enters a narrow canal which is liked by the tourists. People during the visit to the canal feed the fish as well at different places. People also sell all sorts of items on the boats. The chaos and the noise of the city is not anywhere there and you can find complete peace in that area.
Pay a visit to Jim Thompson House
This place deserves a special mention in your visit. He was an architect and did a lot in the country to promote the silk production. You need to look for the guide tour in an advance if you are looking for this place.

Visit the flower market

The wholesale flower market in the city is another good place to visit. These flower shops are opened 24/7.
You can visit these places and would love them for sure.