Exploring Bangkok Rivers, Klongs and Canals

Bangkok is a city full of islands and canals and the best thing about them is that there are beautiful locations and resorts around these places. This gives an option to the tourists to visit the city via boat as well and explore it. You can get the complete charm of the city using the boat service of the city. This will also give you an insight about the role the rivers, canals and the beautiful locations around them played in making it a successful resort for the visitors from all over the world. Visiting the Bangkok by boat gives us the charming views around the river of Chao Phraya.
All you need to have complete research about the rivers and the tracks in them. The network of the boats is quite complicated so make sure you have a pretty good idea about them before you plan to visit the city via boat.
The waterways in Bangkok are divided in three main parts. The boats in the city are of 6 main types which are mostly used by the visitors. These are river taxis which are also known in Bangkok as express boats. River crossing ferries, canal boats, Private River cruises hotel shuttle boats.
You can select from them and enjoy your visit of the city via boats. The river taxis in the city are of 5 different types which are based on the protocols.
The first types of the boats are no flag boats which stop at all the check posts. The second one is blue flag line which only stops when wanted and are especially for the tourists. Then there is orange flag line which stops at the main piers only and is for the tourists. Yellow flag lines are the big boats which are used for the commuters in the city. Green flag boats are also for the commuters and are express boats.
Long tail boats in the city are like tuk tuk which are on the roads. You can rent any of them privately and take them wherever needed during your visit to the city via boats. The cost of these boats is not fixed and you need to book it with the driver of the boat before the ride. It is good to book the complete tour because this would be more economical for you.
Sathorn central pier is right next to the BTS sky train stations and the advantage it gives is that you can connect to the rest of the city and the river side of the city as well from there.
These boats and the network of the water is good for the people who are more inclined toward the water life. You can enjoy the cool air and watch the beautiful streams and the life under water as well on these routes.
The city is full of surprises and you can take any means of transport and visit the entire city in just few days that too in very less price.