Bangkok AirPort Link

Bangkok beside the BRT and MRT has airport link as well which is connecting the people with speed and comfort as well. You can use the air link to reach the place of your own choice in less time. There is Bangkok airport rail link which starts the service from 6:00 in the morning till late night for all the tourists. This network connects them to the Suvarnabhumi International Airport. This one is the best and a smart alternative to the express buses and taxis from the airport. There is a city line between them which makes six stops between these two locations. This service is used from Phayathai Station to the airport. These buses complete the route in just 30 minutes which is quite fast. This is a reliable, fast and convenient service to get in and out of the Bangkok city. It also connects you to the MRT at the station of the Makkasan city interchange which is near the MRT Petchaburi station. This also connects you at the BTS at the same station. There was checking previously at the Makkasan station which is no longer there. The service is on the first floor of the Bangkok International Airport.

The tickets of the service are of two types. These are single trip tokens and the second one are prepaid smart passes. If you are visiting the city as a tourist the short single trip tokens are more suitable for you. The token machines are located on all the stations and you can easily buy your singe trip tokens from there. All you need is to select the destination and the number of passengers with you; the machine will calculate the fare and then pay the fare and get your tokens from the machine. These machines accept the bills and the coins as well. Try to print the receipt you are getting from the machine because you may need it later. The rates of this service starts from 15 baht, and maximum goes up to 45 baht.

Like the other services in the city this service is also available from 06:00 till the midnight for all the tourists and the locals as well. Well, if you are in a group then choosing a taxi over this service is better and more economical for you. You can easily avail taxi in the Bangkok. The passes for all the services like BTS, MRT and the airport rail link are different and you need to purchase them separately.

These services are introduced to make sure that your stay in the city is comfortable and you don’t have any problem in traveling from one place to another. These things are preferred by the tourist and in case they are not provided they try not to visit any such place.

Bangkok have all the necessary facilities for the visitors and that is the only reason it attracts a lot of people from the world to spend their vacations here and enjoy the amazing landscape, Thailand life, historical and religious sites.