10 most unusual sights in Bangkok

Bangkok is a place which shocks all the tourists on their visit to this amazing place. It offers a wide range of enjoyment to the people visiting it starting from the new and modern life and includes old historical and religious figures in it.
Here are some of the places which are going to shock you for sure;
1. Phallic shrines in the city are a big entertainment and amazement for the people.
2. Erawan museum in the city is another popular tourist resort. The entrance of the museum had a tall elephant on it. The weight of the elephant is 250 tons.
3. Forensic museum in the city had the corpses of animals which are extinct in the world now. You will find many deformed babies in the museum. The place is full of horror and going to give you a real shock.
4. Wat Pariwat which is also known as David Beckham temple is another good place for the tourists. The history of this place is very odd and gives you a very shock after visiting.
5. There is a human body museum in the city. This is located in Siam square. It has 14 dissected bodies from the Japan and peoples from all over the world visit them and enjoy this unusual sight. The sight is very disturbing and be very careful before visiting this place.
6. There is an elephant building in Chatuchak which is also very famous. The shape of the building is similar to that of the elephant. Elephant is the national animal of the Thailand and the building consist of three towers which are representing the elephants. The building is used as a language school and has some houses and offices as well in it.
7. There is a very giant dragon tower in the city. The tower is in Wat Samphran and is 17 stories high. The head of the dragon which is above the tower is clearly visible from the far off areas. The lowest part of the temple is having great decorations which are indeed s treat to watch.
8. The travellers often visit the Bangkok correction museum as well. This used to be a maximum security prison back in the days now converted into a museum. There are three buildings in it which are a big attraction for the tourists. You will find a lot of unusual stuff inside this museum.
9. There is a robot building in the city which is also visited by the tourists. The shape of the building is similar to that of a robot. It was opened for the public in 1986. The 20 story building comes after the inspiration from the toy of the owner son.
10. There is a ghost skyscraper in the city which is located in Sathorn. This is a building which consists of 50 stories. The shape of the building is similar to that of a ghost.
These are some of the best places to watch out in the city and they are going to give a very unusual yet enjoyable feeling to the tourists.